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Haüs cleaning &  protective products for around the house

500ml spray • 4 litre • 5 litre

haüs antibac floorclean 

• high performance antibacterial cleaner
• use on wooden, parquet and laminate floors
• simply spray on & wipe off
• no change in appearance
• fast acting
• streak-free finish and pleasant fresh scent

Product code: HA252 Antibac

500ml spray

haüs sanitising clean shield

• removes stubborn greasy stains, mould and soiling
• cleans granite, marble, glass and acrylics
• sanitising formula
• repels dirt and stains through temporary hydrophilic surface modification
• provides a temporary shield against pollutants
• use inside and outside
• perfect for UPVC window frames and trims


Product code: HA169 CleanShield

500ml spray

haüs perfect clean

• The perfect cleaner
• Formulated without oils for a streak-free finish
• Does not change the appearance of the surface
• Sterilises as it cleans
• Use on quartz, marble, granite, glass, stone, ceramic, metal and vinyl

NO SMUDGE FORMULA - leaves your surface perfctly clean without smears or marks


Product code: HA21 PerfectClean

500ml spray • 4 litre • 5 litre

haüs wood wax wizard cleaner

Designed to clean and protect in one application, active ingredients protect the surface during cleaning, this unique formulation requires no rinsing - simply spray on and wipe off to leave a clean, protected surface

• No-rinse, everyday cleaner for parquet, laminate and hardwood
• Includes carnauba wax for a high protection smooth finish
• Does not alter the appearance of your flooring
• Maintains your wood, cleans and polishes in one
• Easy to apply
• Water based
• No abrasives

Product code: HA50 WoodWaxWizard

500ml spray

haüs acid free tile & top magic

• Non caustic solution avoids marking surface
• Powerful cleaning action
• Cleans and restores granite, marble, tiles and quartz
• Makes your floors, walls and worktops like new
• Does not change the appearance of your flooring
• Easy to apply - spray and wipe
• Water based
• No abrasives

Product code: HA252 Tile&TopMagic

500ml spray

haüs hardwood miracle clean

An easy to use powerful formula perfect for cleaning hardwood furniture and flooring

• Removes algae and stubborn stains
• Ideal for use on teak furniture
• Use inside and outside the house
• Spray on - leave the product to do the work
• Heavy Duty
• Water based
• No abrasives

Product code: HA45 HardwoodMiracleClean

Marble Sealer


Tried and tested formulas for great results

Biodegradable glass cleaner


Professional results but ready to use by amateurs!

Haus Kitchen cleaning


Help to keep your house clean, germ and virus-free

Haus antivirus cleaning chemical


Many of our cleaning solutions can be used on  wood and stone

Germ free

Virus and bacteria resistant formulas throughout our product range

Perfect cleaning

Lab tested chemicals to leave your glass streak-free and your granite like new


All Haüs chemical products are biodegradable, meeting or exceeding all EU regulations

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